You are welcome to submit an article

You are welcome to submit an article to Wikispiracy. Here are some guidelines and rules:

  1. All submissions of articles MUST be in plain text. You can use any word processor to create your article. Once you are happy with it copy and paste the text into the text box. All formatting will be lost as this is plain text submission only. (Advanced writers who are aware of, and know how to use markdown may do so and in this way your formatting will be kept intact. Note: you will still be submitting plain text, as markdown is written in plain text)
  2. Your article if approved, will be proofread and edited if needed.
  3. Please do not name any person living or dead. Instead use another name that is a piss-take name or other identifier that will make it known to the reader, who it is that you are talking about
  4. No racism, no direct hatred against any religious beliefs especially the three Abrahamic religions.
  5. Submission of articles denying the holocaust will not be published. Wikispiracy feels it is fair play not to like Zionism but antisemitic (which includes Jews & Arabic peoples) articles will not be tolerated.
  6. Try to keep a sense of irony, humour and basic distrust of all authority, government, banking systems, the IMF WHO etc
  7. Use profanities but don’t overdo it, as you will quickly loose the interest of the reader
  8. Do not use your real name. Instead, head the article with your pen-name (Wikispiracy reserves the right to change this name if it conflicts with the sites vibe)
  9. Immediately after your pen-name on the next line, you should include the heading of your article.
  10. Engage the reader by making the subject of your article relevant to them. Reading the current published articles will give you a good idea.
  11. If you have a picture or video that is needed then please supply the URL of the picture or video. Wikispiracy does not host pictures or videos. So, these need to be hosted elsewhere and you must make sure that you have the right to use said picture or video. Videos are accepted from either YouTube or Vimeo.

Notes on the text box

  • Note: the text box below looks small. However, it will accept a full 1000-word article.
  • If you like, you can expand the text box, such that you can see all of your article on screen before submission