Wikispiracy contains interesting and challenging articles that either describe an idea or illustrate a viewpoint that may have become suppressed or considered to be taboo. There are a great variety of both serious and lighthearted articles. These range from relatively harmless subjects such as marketing, to the sinister throttling grip of Global Corporations. The site gives a warm welcome to anyone wanting a place to publish articles which due to nasty wiki-vandalism, can now only be done by submitting an email.

N.B. Wikispiracy has a zero tolerance for racism of any type. However, this does not mean that jokes should not be made as to prohibit language or make it impossible to say something about race, colour or creed then becomes a form of hypocritical inverted racism.1

The following example is considered justifiable although many would tell you that it is politically incorrect.

Example: the USA, ‘the land of freedom’ was built by the blood sweat and tears of Afro-American-Slaves for white-trash fake-religious folk, who had already mass-murdered most of the indigenous peoples with cannons often directed at women and children; they did not stop there, but broke contracts made with the indigenous right up until the current day!

In the past, conspiracies were the secure realm of that rare esoteric breed who, for what ever reason, is never satisfied with plane appearances. However, in recent years this picture has radically changed…

Why are people asking awkward questions?

There are just too many people asking those awkward kinds of questions. Large numbers of people have realised they’ve been lied to…

  1. The recent worldwide COVID-19 lock-down and the conflicting news and views on this subject have rekindled the questioning mind.
  2. Many pinpoint the unsatisfactory official explanations with regard to 11th of September 2001.
  3. Others point to a kind of global ‘waking up’ which is supported by the Internet and other communications technologies.
  4. There is another group of people who say that these changes are a natural part of what can be expected from the Age of Pisces transitioning toward Aquarius

Wikispiracy will help you to look at the world more carefully

Wikispiracy encourages you to look at the world more carefully; look at the world with questioning eyes and critical ears. Wikispiracy urges you to continue thinking…

  • The more you understand the more you will see… It’s a promise…
  • If you continue asking questions, you will stay awake!

The Internet, for the time being at least, allows us a degree of freedom of speech that is entirely absent in the main newspapers, radio & TV of the world’s so-called democracies or anywhere else in the world. The Internet also provides humanity, for the first time ever, with an invaluable connectivity tool that allows the development and progression of ideas.

Wikispiracy believes that this connectivity is absolutely essential if we on this Earth are going to survive, since without it, in a very strong sense, we would be worse off than those who lived in the dark ages.

Watch this space for the truth about the stock market crash - yes it is a real crash but all the stock market crashes in history have been engineered by banksters who are New World Order puppets. This time they will inflict an economic war on YOU. They will use the crash as the excuse they need to start a new scale of war!

Suppression of ideas

Watch Noam Chomsky carefully explain the concept and reasons for the suppression of ideas within the USA.


  1. Inverted racism here means a kind of racism that is done out of fear or political correctness. e.g. “you must not call it a blackboard, its now called a chalkboard,” which of course results in children saying “My best friend is black, do I have to call him a chalk person?” ↩︎