Who really runs the world? Most people will try to answer this question by saying that the world is run by a mixture of forces, which might include Democratically Elected Governments, Big Business Interests, Multinational Globalist Corporations, Banksters, Gangsters, The Military and The Arms Manufacturers.

So. it may be true that the Banksters, together with all the others mentioned above, have a very large say in what actually happens and the rest of these groups also play their part in running the world, but is it unreasonable to suppose that there is some kind of agreement between some of these groups of people? Well naturally, it is almost impossible to prove that such powerful people have agreements because if they do, they haven’t told us about it. But then they wouldn’t tell us would they… Many significant decisions that affect the whole world are made behind closed doors. These decision makers may be people who wish to remain anonymous.

The more you ask questions about how the world is run, the more conspiracy you will uncover. This is because the conspiracy is and has been happening on such a massive scale such that it is literally mind-boggling.


The new world order, which the Bush family were famous for promising would become a reality is an old idea. The idea of dominating the world is like a B movie, the theme of which has been rehashed again and again. However, unlike a B Movie this idea has gripped the minds of people such as Alexander the great, Genghis Khan, Hitler and the founders of the USA.


Currently Cecil Rhodes statues are being pulled down in Oxford as part of an insane pogrom against what has already come to pass. As if pulling down statutes of Victorian Imperialists will help resolve Racism and violence in the USA, a country that was built by slavery and had a very similar system of apartheid (without the name) right up until the 1980s!

While it is undeniable that white supremacists in the USA have jobs as police and that this is a massive problem, we need to look at the past and what is happening right now in order to even start on the subject of correcting these massive mistakes that repeat themselves again and again over Milena. It is unlikly that pulling down statues will help this problem.

University of Cape Town - Statue of Rhodes by Marion Walgate. Unveiled in 1934, and commissioned by a state-run university.