Correlation is one of the mechanisms used for empirical testing or proof of causality or other significant link between A and B. 1) Does correlation always imply causality? 2) Can we trust the presentation of data from statisticians? 3) How much is correlation used in the twisting-of-data and the creation of fake news?

Earth's new little moon (2020 CD3) is the cause of COVID-19?

Above is the calculated orbit of 2020 CD3, which is a small moon the size of a car


It is fascinating that Planet Earth has had a new small moon (2020 CD3) in orbit for precisely the same duration as the peak reaction to the COVID-19 Pandemic. In other words the Pandemic started when this new moon arrived. It then stayed as a short-lived moon of our earth. It has now started to depart from orbit. Ergo: there is a correlation1 between this small Moon and COVID-19!

2020 CD3 is a tiny near-Earth asteroid and temporary satellite of Earth. It was discovered at the Mount Lemmon Observatory by astronomers Theodore Pruyne and Kacper Wierzchoś on 15 February 2020, as part of the Mount Lemmon Survey or Catalina Sky Survey. The asteroid’s discovery was announced by the Minor Planet Center on 25 February 2020, after subsequent observations have confirmed that it is orbiting around Earth. It is the second temporary satellite of Earth discovered in situ, after 2006 RH120, which was discovered in 2006. Based on its nominal trajectory, 2020 CD3 was captured by Earth between 2015–2016, and has likely escaped Earth’s gravitational sphere of influence around May 2020.[5][10] 2020 CD3 will make another close pass to Earth in March 2044, though it will most likely not be captured by Earth due to the greater approach distance.[11][12]

The New Little Moon Caused COVID-19?

We could conclude anything we like. However, were we to do this, would we not enter the world of total fantasy, sci-fi and Erich Von Däniken?

Looking at the orbit, we see that this little moon reaches far-out away from Planet Earth into the very void of space itself. Thus, it is obvious that the Anunnaki lizard-people with their cold blood-lines deliberately infected our precious planet with a virus! They are trying to control us, take over our minds, affect our economy, provoke war and benefit their own who have hidden here on Earth for millions of years. They have planned this for countless generations, since the very dawn of civilization itself. This is why the power on our planet always remains with the same people. The infamous Baits Foundation is helping them with 5G and terrible inoperable operating systems! It may even be the true reason for the existence of structures such as the Pyramids, Stonehenge and other unexplainable ancient objects! PANIC!

Video on the question of correlation and causation

Sour cream and motorbike accidents

Above is a graph showing a correlation between the sales of sour creme in the USA and motorcycle accidents.

Above is a graph showing a correlation between drowning in pools and the number of films Nicolas Cage appeared in.

Feedback loops


  1. a mutual relationship or connection between two or more things. “research showed a clear correlation between recession and levels of property crime” ↩︎