Wikispiracy is a voluntary selfless perfectionism that needs your support. Without you, Wikispiracy could not continue on and on and on with such total determination to unveil that which has become contaminated with dogma, meaninglessness and is subsequently thusly lost within the vast and endless void of space.

Quintessentially, we offer not necessarily the truth, for that is a lifelong quest from which there is almost no return. Instead, Wikispiracy offers you the chance to vibe it up, live a little, sing a song, listen to wisdom and buy out T-Shirts, Mugs and other select and rare gifts.

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Here you will be enticed into the new world of Wikispiracy short talks. These talks represent a powerful way to embrace your full potential. These talks are intended for use when travelling, when working on repetitious easy tasks or just about any time when you can grab twenty minutes to listen. Many speakers encourage listening to talks more than once. Indeed, you may return again to these talks whenever you have time.

Sell my knowledge

This is an excerpt of a talk on how to sell your knowledge; a talk that is empowering, humorous starts with some cool music and takes you on a ride toward monetizing your knowledge…

Note: that the free excerpts available here are tasters of what you will experience by offering a fair price donation to the author/ speaker. Any price above $1 is accepted for the full twenty-minute talk. The full talk is emailed to you once your fair-price offer clears through PayPal.