Many religions speak of the End of Days. This refers not to the end of the world, but rather the end of our current age – Pisces, which began 2020 years ago, spanned two thousand years, and is ended with the passing of the millennium. Now that we’ve passed into the Age of Aquarius, a new age begins. The cycle of Aquarius already operates and coexists with the end of Pisces. Usually the beginning and end of a cycle is very gradual, and thus is affirmed the harmony of the actual evolutionary process… Aquarius has brought already a considerable shift of consciousness…constructiveness is necessary. Even with an unprepared eye one may notice the alternate influence of Pisces and Aquarius.

It is the Age of Aquarius; a time of change, of breaking of barriers, of new interactions, innovation and disruption towards a better world. Technologically, the Fourth Industrial Revolution holds promise for such a world of peace where humankind lives in harmony with nature. ~Arup Dasgupta

The generation which will come into active thought expression at the end of this century… will inaugurate the framework, structure and fabric of the New Age [of Aquarius], which will start with certain premises, which today are the dream of the more exalted dreamers, and which will develop the civilisation of the Aquarian Age. This coming age will be as predominantly the age of group interplay, group idealism, and group consciousness, as the Piscean Age has been one of personality unfoldment and emphasis, personality focus, and personality consciousness. Selfishness, as we now understand it, will gradually disappear, for the will of the individual will voluntarily be blended into the group will.