So, we now live in a world that can be controlled to a level that has never been achieved before. Sure, there have been great Empires such as the Romans, who conquered most of the then known world. However, it took them centuries to achieve this level of control and even then, there were always breakouts of disagreement.

The combination of repeated messages and the feedback from social media allow a new type of control that is highly efficient, easily adjusted and can function very low cost. It allows practically the whole world to be placed in the brain harness, where ideas and belief systems are imparted to the population. The effectiveness of the propaganda then measured by faceplate, whats-flap and other systems. If the repeated messaging needs tweaking, then make it so!

There are quite a number of such feedback systems. The fiasco exemplified with Cambridge Analytica showed the world how information obtained from these social media platforms could be used to alter voting. However one of the conclusions reached from this episode, are that it does not seem necessary to target specific groups at all. Indeed, a simple message repeated often enough will do most of the work. It was thought that mixed messaging was useful in order to confuse the population such that when any viable solution to the cognitive dissonance is revealed, then after sufficient time the majority will vote for that solution. However, a far simpler solution has been found. For the first time ever the ancient and well tested Action - Reaction -> Solution, has been replaced with Repeat, Repeat, Test and modify if needed and then Repeat.

Cambridge Analytica Ltd (CA) was a British political consulting firm that combined misappropriation of digital assets, data mining, data brokerage and data analysis with strategic communication during the electoral processes.[5][6] It was started in 2013[7] as an offshoot of the SCL Group, and was led by Alexander Nix.[7] After closing operations with legal proceedings including bankruptcy, members of the SCL Group have been continuing operations under the legal entity Emerdata Limited.[8][9] The company closed operations in 2018 in the course of the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal, although related firms still exist.


The above is a poorly designed diagrammatic representation of the mechanisms that are needed for this type of worldwide mind control to work. This diagram could be improved. However you can see that it starts with a set of objectives which are then converted by spin doctors and outlet in the mainstream media and at the same time within the alternative media platforms. However the main use of the media platforms is not seeding ideas. Instead these are used as a feedback mechanism with which it is possible to gauge the effectiveness of the propaganda formulated by spin doctors.

When there is a possible adjustment to the spin needed or an outcome that was not expected, this is quickly seen by annalists who have the required supercomputer power needed to both detect any deviation from the intended brainwashing and subsequently make the necessary adjustments to the spin.

Who does this benefit?

So, who does this benefit? The answer is $ MONEY. It most certainly does not benefit the poor and almost all indications are that it does benefit a rather small section of our global population. These are people who already have Trillions. The only thing that they want more of is more power! These people are sociopaths who desire more and more power.