Wikispiracy went dark for a number of years, but has now resurfaced with an even newer new newness and promises a better full-flavoured cup of tea. Wikispiracy includes a number of interesting and challenging articles that either describe a massive conspiracy or illustrate a viewpoint that may have been deliberately abolished. There are a great variety of serious and light-hearted articles, which range from relatively harmless subjects such as marketing, to the sinister grip of Global Corporations. The site gives a warm welcome to anyone wanting a place to publish articles, which due to wiki vandalism must now be performed by submitting an email.

In the past

In the past, conspiracy theory was the secure realm of that rare esoteric breed who, for what ever reason, is never satisfied with plane appearances. This is a type who will always look below the surface and ask the questions that most of us would not bother asking. However, in recent years this picture has radically changed…

People want answers

There are just too many people asking those awkward kinds of questions. Large numbers of people have realized they’ve been lied to… So what is causing these phenomena? Why have so many people started to wake up?

A place on the web for alternative viewpoint and time away from the box

Since the Birth of Wikispiracy back in 2004, the Internet has exponentially expanded. There are now literally millions of forums, media sites such as FACE-CAGE, blog-tools and other content publishing systems; most of these are free1

It is not hard to express your viewpoint, yet most of these sites openly admit that all content will belong to them, that they can and will sell it together with all of your preferences etc. This is a subject called data trawling (fishing for information), which is highly profitable. Indeed, it is said that information is the new currency.

Most of the time it may not be an issue if Bighorn INC owns your data, as most of us have nothing to hide. However, when we look at the fact that it is not only your data but the data of all those with whom you connect and all of their data too, the picture changes dramatically.

Taken down

The Tube seems to takes down videos that are either statements against the perceived top of the pyramid, or that portray a powerful individual, with $ trillions of Dollars, as a wrongdoer. The editors or overseers of Tube are Google which used to have a more tolerant policy. However, from its point of view, all content uploaded to its services while remaining your property may also be sold as if it were their intellectual property. Effectively, although they class themselves as a tech company and not a media outlet, where content may be hosted on their servers or those of companies that they may have purchased, leased or gone into partnership with, is probably a Google responsibility at law. However, there is little point in trying to take Google to any court as necessarily you will spend many *sheqalim* for no gain whatsoever.

So, it is hardly surprising that Google monitors what is on the Tube and removes potential trouble for them or those that they are connected with, as they must protect us from fake news.

Android phone?

If you have an Android phone, then you will already have a wonderful Gmail account. In turn this means that content uploaded from time to time to their servers remains your property, but The Google may do anything they like with it. But that’s fair enough as they offer these services to us free and in reality we all know that there is nothing free… Right?

We all believe

It is without doubt that we all truly believe in Google and how it cares for us all. We do not mind when Google monitors every move we make, every step we take. At least someone is looking out for us… Right?

What have you been smoking?

The Venerable Ray Smith originating from Thornton Heath, London, England, UK is a much loved Healer, Elder-yogurt-weaver, part-time Double Glazing Salesman and ex-Seller of Cheap Tourist Trinkets. In the past, Ray has benefited from mind training at both the Scientologist movement and the EMIN. Although, he now says he has nothing to do with either of these organisations.

Ray’s insights are often hard to fathom. However, the longer you listen to him, the more sense he begins to make.

This a very short yet deeply inspired piece of advice from the Venerable Ray Smith


  1. The best things in life are free + only $19.95 per calendar month. … There is no such thing as a free lunch! Life should be free and it is in one sense, yet in our Casino driven world, if you are offered something for nothing by a corporation, then often this is a direct rip off or worse they are stealing from you! ↩︎